Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Meeting Mina


Just a simple as that.. Meeting Mina, the Romanian-born blogger who has been living in Canada for quite some time, decided to visit Bucharest for a short period and naturally she gathered a few of us together for a refreshing lemonade. The ex-Faboulista and actual author behind Glitter in my Veins, is a sweet, charming person, with a joyful vivid heart in a small body. I wanted to meet her last Summer, but unfortunately I was out of town and couldn't make it.  I had the privilege to go with her at the V for Vintage fair today, and there we met with other girls and I have to say it was a very pleasant day - I will talk to you about that soon (I also got some goodies from there!) She really is a fun person and I hope I get the chance to see her as often as we both can while she is here.


 With Sandra and Mina in center. 


Mojito Lemonades - so refreshing! 


Laura testing her new camera!






And me being a diva.

I wore my favorite dress, did a romantic hairdo and put on some forgotten gladiator sandals (boy, where they trendy or what?) and I was perfect for the meeting.

Wearing: Zara dress, Deichmann shoes, Avon bag, New Yorker bracelets, earrings were a gift, Agatha ring

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