Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Aristocratic Beauty

harpers bazaar vietnam dec 2012

Now if this isn't perfect, I don't know what is!
Naturally nobody dresses like this nowadays, but it's fun to just play with the idea or gaze upon it, like I am doing now. All those perfect little details create a whole royal ensemble that kills you with so much luxury, because you know that you will never get to own such pieces (unless you rob a bank, receive a inheritance from a lost uncle, have a benefactor like Pip from "Great Expectations" , or starve for two whole years - that is not really an option)
I would just love to be that model for a day, to pose with such creations and feel like a countess from a different era. Somehow seeing all these images, I feel excited and yet I bitter myself knowing that I will never look like that; I think I like to indulge and punish myself at the same time, realizing my place and yet hoping to dream.. Such a complicated being, no?

harpers bazaar vietnam dec 2012 2 harpers bazaar vietnam dec 2012 3 harpers bazaar vietnam dec 2012 5

Are you a daydreamer like I am ?

Harper's Bazaar Vietnam December 2012 issue

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