Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

On a quest..for a croissant


Let me tell you what I did today.
 I woke up not exactly in the morning, but with a urge to eat a chocolate croissant with a delicious cappuccino on the side at my favorite pastry shop in Cluj. By the time I arrived downtown, the famous pastry was closed. Actually, all three of them! So my frustration was blowing inside me, I thought of walking around, I entered some shops, tried on some lipsticks to feel better, then I decided to return home. In the bus station I overlooked another pastry shop so I decided to enter and see if they had a croissant - of any kind! It didn't matter at that point. I found the last remaining plain croissant, I took it home with me, it was warm, I made myself a lame cappuccino and melt some chocolate on it, and ate it while I was editing these photos. Fabulous no? 
At least I managed to fulfill my wish. 
Next time I will try to wake up early.. my obsession for chocolate croissants is not over yet.

 P.S. I am wearing here a very cozy new thrifted cardigan! I am so proud of it. Now I am going to see "Les Miserables"; have you seen it yet?
crs3 crs2 crs4 crs5 

 Wearing: thrifted cardigan, self made skirt, random brand shoes, vintage bag, Terranova hat, Stradivarius scarf.


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