Jumat, 19 April 2013

Those Casual Moments


 Yesterday was a splendid day, too hot for that blazer if you can imagine; I spent half of the day on the terrace again - you will most likely find me there until the end of Summer - I love it so much! There is this special vibe you get being there surrounded by old buildings and it's not like it's the first time I ever get to experience this, we had that in Bucharest too, but the difference is that it's much more..relaxed. People don't get to rush in narrow streets passing your table like a hurricane and you definitely don't see strange people lurking near you. It is much more comfortable.
Today I am headed to a photo shooting at the request of a colleague of mine who wants me to be pretty in a pretty gorgeous dress!

cvv2 cvv4 cvv3 cvv 

 Have a fantastic weekend guys! 

 Wearing: vintage blazer and brooch, H&M top, New Yorker jeans, Stradivarius shoes, New Look socks, vintage Atmosphere bag, Meli Melo rose ring and C&A textile ring


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