Senin, 08 April 2013


 For the last few months I started to fall in love with this type of shoe of which I always thought to be boring. I mean, I was so into platforms, big huge chunky heels, cool designs and so on (don't get me wrong, I still love that type of shoe) but now I have taken a liking on the simple kind, the one which now I think is subtle, delicate, above all ..elegant! The slim heel, the absence of platform and the slightly pointy tip, they turn every outfit into a much more feminine one. They can be worn with both mid-calf skirts and mini dresses, a cute purse, flirty shirts and a pair of colorful leggings, oh the possibilities! And of course..a little bow makes them perfect! I already have two pairs in that fashion but I want more more more! (The beginning of an obsession perhaps?..) 
I gathered these images in time, so I forgot where they are all from, sorry for that!

 What do you say?


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