Senin, 29 April 2013

A Sunday full of Color


 Yes, I had a great weekend! It started with the event on Saturday I was telling you about - but more on that soon - and the day ended with a very retro fun party where I had a blast! 
Sunday was a lazy day, only in the evening we gathered out strength so to say and went to see Iron Man 3 (Tony Stark fan here!) which was an amazing experience! I was a bit disappointed, not with the film, but with the fact that the shoes I wanted to buy for some time now, were sold out.. It would have been a perfect day otherwise. 
Soon I am leaving for my hometown for the Spring break, wohooo! And even sooner, my birthday is coming up..oh boy..

  loju5loju4 loju3 loju loju2

Thank to my friend Madalina for lending me that cardigan!

Wearing: Stradivarius cardigan, Zara dress, Meli Melo necklace and bag, vintage earrings, random brand shoes

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