Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

The Secret Garden


 I don't know how many of you have seen the film "The Secret Garden" or read the book, but ever since I saw it I became fascinated with everything that meant garden, I am talking about the spectacular ones in which you can get lost, especially those which resemble a labyrinth, with flowers and huge trees everywhere. This garden is not so secret, it's actually the city's Botanical Garden, but I like the feeling that it gives me, of content and it's so quiet and nice. 
This is where I spent my birthday (which was yesterday, and I thank you all for your kind wishes you left me on Facebook!) when all my plans ruined. It was a pleasant day nonetheless.
 I seriously need to go there more often and take photos or just read a book surrounded by the birds chitter.

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Wearing: Zara dress, vintage top, no name shoes, thrifted bag and belt, Melo Melo necklace

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