Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Let's turn down the heat.







Well, if it's too hoot outside, wear cold colors, and electric blue is the perfect shade! Not that it helped me much, but seeing it now, makes me think of the Arctic Ocean.
These photos were taken after some friends and I went at the cinema to see Snow White and the Huntsman; I was looking forward seeing it, not because of Kristen Stewart, but because of the twist and the action and naturally, the costumes. I am not a film critic, so I will resume to just this: the scenes in which K-Stew (as people call her) appeared were completely ruined, but the rest was brilliant! If you are a fan of her I am sure you will like the movie altogether.
The bow-tie I received at a recent event I went to, is simply adorable and it highlights the outfit so well, don't you think?

Wearing: H&M top, thrifted skirt, Deichman sandals, New Look bag, Meli Melo rings

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