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This is what I've been working on for the past two months, my graduate collection of which I am quite pleased and soooo happy that it's finished - in time. I was so stressed with the deadline, I honestly thought I will never finish it in time, because for a single person to sew six coats and six dresses is quite time consuming (yes, I made a Fall collection) Therefor, no sleep for a few nights in a row, barely get out of the house, I was angry at my stomach for feeling hungry, because I had to cook myself food, and I needed time for that! But enough about my sufferings, let me tell you in a few words the idea of this collection.
I wanted to make something ready-to-wear, but also to bring some innovations. I thought of doing that through the cuts and maybe with the applied threads on the fabric.
 I got inspired from the 1920s era, definitely one of my favorite and tried to mix it with our minimalistic modern time. So, it's a fusion between two fashion eras that are separated by almost a century.


  _DSC0122 2

  _DSC0249 (2)

The concept of the threads is based on the idea of freeing yourself from all the daily concerns, stress and other problems that come with our time we live in, and as in the 1920s we should try and let aside all the things that are stopping us live and to enjoy the little things that matter, to just remember to have fun. Deliverance is the name of my story, meaning freedom, to cut loose, to unleash, independence, and all other synonyms you can think of.








For the second part of the story, I wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the 1920s, that means vintage..and where else to recreate that feeling other than Thomas Antiques?  I thought of that place the very moment my idea of the whole concept pop-ed into my mind, and everything was perfect, even the music was Jazz-y! 





Thoughts? I am looking forward in reading them.

And of course I have to give a very special thanks to Evelina, who posed for me, I am sure she was tortured by the heat, and to Sandra for helping me with the photos!
Thank you girls!

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