Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Perfect to exhibit






This is something I wore yesterday at an exhibition of a friend of mine and also a University colleague. It was a nice event, seeing old friends and new and their marvelous work. Now I am so tired, I had my bachelor degree oral exam, which was so frightening but I am pleased that it went so well, also my mom came to visit me and we went all day walking and shopping.
 Tomorrow, another day filled with stress, since it's our presentation, I am not looking forward for chaos..and..more chaos! But, I will wait for all you Romanian fashion lovers to view our collections at our fashion show in Calea Grivitei nr 28, at 21:30! Be there! 

Wearing: H&M dress and necklace, self-made kimono top, MiniPrix shoes, no name bag, vintage earrings

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