Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Today I...


 I just love those jeans and I can't get enough of that cut, but I have to or I'll ruin them in this weather. I walked a lot today in search of a place to shoot, my feet were tired and wet, my hair got frizzy, I was cold and I got moody. Winter sucks for photos, that's the truth! 
I went today to get the photos from my project, (can't wait to make a selection and post them here) and I sat at the pastry shop eating a chocolate croissant (someone's gonna get fat soon); it was just a delicious moment! Those kind of moments that fit in your life perfectly.
Now I am working on some details, so stay tuned for news. 

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Wearing: New Yorker jeans, thrifted sweater and belt, Georgia scarf, Meli Melo bag, random brand coat, MiniPrix boots.

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