Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Searching a date for the prom


 I may look like I am going to the prom, but I am not; in fact I am wearing here the shoes I wore on my magical, nostalgic night about two centuries ago. 
Regarding the outfit.. I wanted to wear that very special blouse, I found while thrifting - yes, that's right, couldn't believe it myself at that time - in a very special way, so I mixed it with a dress, even though I found other three brilliant ways to wear it, but that involved some changes in the season. With this hairdo and some refined jewellery, I found myself too elegant I think, for the likes of my small town, but nonetheless.. I felt incredibly awesome this way! 
And the fact that the top fit me..made me think that it was meant for me, so hooraaay! 






Wearing: H&M dress (underneath) thrifted top, vintage bag, random brand shoes, New Yorker bracelets, gifted pearl earrings.

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