Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

That perfect minty top






 How much I adored the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection, I think I have devoured every piece and every editorial which contained these clothes. The details are stunning! So imagine my excitement when I discovered this top at H&M screaming at me " I'M YOURS!!" There was also this cute dress in the same collection but it didn't fit me well, so I opted for this top instead but nonetheless, I am happy with it! The embroidery resembles so much and the color..minty, my favorite this season, makes it a match made in Heaven!
 In other words, I am back in my hometown - oh there is a lot to tell about my journey, about how I almost broke my arms carrying four huge bags (including my cat), how "exciting" was our almost-suffocating-train-ride, and how we arrived 40 minutes late! But now, I am pleased the temperature is not as crazy hot as it is in Bucharest, and I can't wait now to take a visit in all the old (and new) thrift stores around here!




Wearing: H&M top and turquoise rose ring, Atmosphere shorts, Zara sandals, thrifted bag, Meli Melo ring, Sixx earrings.

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