Senin, 02 Juli 2012



 In the last two days I lost my Internet connection, went to a bunch of concerts and got a massive sunburn, helped my mother pack tons of luggages and melt in the sun..again. The main problem now is my Internet, since I terminated my contract, but I still have to stay a few more days in the city, so now I am begging my friends to let me post here and read my emails. It's terrible. These photos were taken a few days ago, while walking with my mother in the park, I didn't got the chance to post them. Yesterday i went with some friends of mine to see Evanescence for the first time, I was so obsessed with them in high-school, so you could say that it is a dream come true. The next few days will be dedicated to farewell meetings and packing the rest of my house. Hopefully I will get the chance to post some outfits.





 In other news, on the 4th of July there is a fashion event going on in Bucharest, so all you local fashionistas can gather to see Sorina's Banica presentation under the brand E. Thula. This is their first collection, so let's wish them goof luck! I'll see you there! Afis 

 Wearing: Atmoshpere pants, Pimkie top, H&M wedges, Meli Melo necklace, New Yoker satchel.

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