Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Luxury is sinful

vogue japan oct 2012 5 
 Vogue Japan, October 2012 

These photos to me are like Lust, making me commit a sin, it's like they are inviting me into their world of luxury..of opulence.. of glory. Somehow this Baroque trend makes me feel as if I am at home. I would kill to own something so glamorous as these dresses, with all those golden ornaments and fabulous lace and not to forget the statement jewelery! 
Why wasn't I born in that era, as a noblewoman?..

vogue italia sept 2012 13 
Vogue Italia, September 2012

  marie claire cheh 2012 
Marie Claire Czech, October 2012 

 madame figaro oct 2012 2 Madame Figaro, October 2012

 how to spend it 2012 3 how to spend it 2012 4 how to spend it 2012 8 
How to Spend it Magazine, fall 2012

 interview germany sept 2012Interview Magazine, Germany, September 2012

 numero oct 2012 3 
Numero October 2012 

fashion canada oct 2012 2 
Fashion Canada Magazine fall 2012 

Vogue Spain October 2012

 Vogue Latin America fall 2012 


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