Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012


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 Yes, I adore Autumn's colors and I can't wait to see all the trees in these beautiful copper, golden yellow, Vermillion red shades (and wishing they could last like that forever)!
  My hair looks rather odd in this set of photos, that is because I let it in it's natural state and I thought I looked okay, since most of days I HAVE to straighten it or curl it..or something. And I simply loathe the burning and using tons of cosmetics to prevent the burn or split ends.. Why am I ranting about my hair now? I get carried away sometimes.. 
Have a splendid rest of the Sunday! It's foggy here and it's perfect for a lazy Sunday. 

 Wearing: everything is thrifted and vintage except for the Stradivarius socks and the New Look shoes.


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