Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

Revive the old times


 I know it's Autumn in the Northern hemisphere, alas, the weather today was warm and nostalgic, therefore perfect for me to wear again this peplum lace top. I gathered more than twenty chestnuts in the park (purely for decoration) and I am seriously thinking to change my hair color into a darker shade like...chestnut. I remember having that color the first time I dyed my hair..when I was about fifteen. We'll see, I am known to change my mind rapidly.
 Yesterday we went to this amazing little tea house, called Qui One Quint were I drank the most delicious tea, cookies included! When I entered the place it felt like I was in someone's home, visiting a close friend, chatting over tea. I mean..the place was indeed someone's house, remodeled, but it still had that antique feeling which I adore and I could imagine so many memories there. I hope next time to take some photos so you can see.
 This city has so many fascinating and also hidden places! It's a pleasure each time to discover them.








 Wearing: thrifted top, vintage bag, Terranova pants, random brand shoes, Meli Melo rings, Parfois turquoise ring


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