Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

Before the sunset

peona (1) 

 I couldn't get enough of that skirt the day I took these photos. I went from the scorching heat of noon to the wonderful chill of evening in that silk skirt and felt like I was walking through clouds! Such a great feeling, so soft and look at the print, I only took a glimpse at it and thought " this has to be mine!".
I have to pack again, I have to go back to Cluj tomorrow. Oh, it's been such a wonderful and full week of relaxation and fun! And what awaits me in the future isn't at all that fun and not to mention relaxing..

  peona (8)peona (9) peona (5) peona (2) peona (3) peona (4) peona (6) peona (7) 

  Wearing: everything is vintage except for the random brand shoes and earrings


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