Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Regarding mini mini mini skirts..


 Recently I've been wandering the streets and caffes with my old friends whom I see so rarely, attending barbecues, buying gifts for myself and my mother - it's her birthday today - and just enjoying my days before the horrors of unfinished projects and upcoming exams begin. 
I have to say (again) that I love my haircut so much, I feel like dressing up retro all the time, especially in pretty 1950's dresses which are so rarely to find! Speaking of which, I really don't understand why brands make beautiful circle skirts or dresses with that amazing volume but so short you have to be careful how you sit, how you turn, how you lean because, hello, you underwear is showing! I get it that it's sexy and whatever to show off your legs, but seriously, sometimes it's just ridiculous. I am an owner of mini skirts and dresses, but to be honest I am not very comfortable in them, except when I see myself in photos. Because if one thing looks good, it doesn't mean it can also make you feel good. It's the same case here, for this outfit as well. Now I am searching like crazy for vintage midi dresses, but they are so expensive, if they are the real thing or I could try to make them but again, finding a suitable fabric is hard. 
Anyway, I think it's fun to have a new obsession, fashion wise, of course!

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 Wearing: New Yorker old skirt, gifted top, no name denim vest, MiniPrix old shoes, vintage bag and belt, Jewelry Box earrings, random brand bracelets and headband. 


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