Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012

A momentary lapse of reason..








Can't believe it's weekend already! There are theoretically only two weeks of Summer left - even though here, the mornings and evenings feel like mid-October - but anyway, it is scary how time goes by.. To be honest, I changed about three times before walking out the door, each time I found something missing from the outfit, and I got so annoyed at some point when I looked in the mirror and then I just threw everything on the floor and I thought " I have nothing to wear!" Blogging is tough..Fashion blogging that is.
 I am wearing here a necklace I received some time ago from Diana, the owner of Blushing Goodies, check out her site HERE. I love the twirls and the fact that it's handmade, remind me of the time I used to make friendship bracelets. And it highlights the outfit so well!

 Happy Weekend everyone! 

Wearing: vintage skirt and earring, thrifted shirt and bag, Zara sandals, Stradivarius socks, Blushing Goodies necklace, New Yorker bracelets.

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