Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

Souvenirs from high above


Allright, I am back in town with a delayed post, but who could blame me? I had a wonderful time in my trip and we took hundreds of photos, it was hard to select through them and show some to you. Here I am on the top (well..almost) of a mountain, oh how I love the height and the spectacular view..nothing compares to such a view, period. This was a short ride in the afternoon, we didn't climb all the way up, that would've been more exciting I know, but it would've taken us too long. Then, we went at our friends house and prepared barbecues and played with her dozens of rabbits (I was visiting them pretty much non-stop) I took an overload of cuteness these past two days; bunnies are really my soft point. 







Are you "awwwww-ing" yet? 



The next day we went nearby for a chill out in the water, the weather was extremely hot, so a nice little splash was quite welcomed - well..not at first when you are heating like the pipes in winter.





Fresh red currants..yum! 


How was your weekend?

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