Kamis, 09 Agustus 2012

Dot, dot , dot...


 Found this peplum top in a second hand shop; it waited patiently for me to see it and make one of those anime-esque faces, with a smile so big it deforms my face, hearts in my eyes and constantly saying: "kawaiiiii!!!" (If you are a anime/manga fan you know what I mean) I was thinking over and over again how I could wear it and after realizing that I don't own anything that matches it (apart from a skirt), I remember having these white jeans which I am pretty sure were not worn in the last..year. Wow. 
So, happily I went out, took photos, went for a walk and here I am showing this gorgeous top to you. I brag too much, but I guess every blogger, actually every fashion blogger is a bragger the minute he/she clicks "Post" each and everytime...





Wearing: thrifted top, Vero Moda jeans, Il Passo shoes, random brand purse, vintage earrings, Meli Melo rose ring, H&M fuchsia ring.

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