Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

Strawberry pants








 This morning I strongly sensed the smell of mellow grapes from my window and the fresh Autumnal air and I thought: "Finally!" It's sunny, warm, just perfect, my melancholy is coming back to me and I can't wait to b rapped up in nostalgic feelings which I can't or don't want to control. 
Okay, enough about my romance with a cold season that most of people hate; about the outfit: I am wearing here a pair of thrifted pants, which my boyfriend called "pajama pants", but I find them to be very cute, like strawberries! And my mother's old top I snatched from the bottom of her closet paired with my necklace I used to wore two thousand years ago at my 8th grade prom. I adore the glitter! Soon, I will be on my way to resolve some University stuff and I will be riding long-hour trains, so excuse me if I will be absenting too much.. 

Wearing: thrifted pants, no name top, Agatha sparkly necklace and vintage beaded necklace, self-made bow bracelet and H&M bracelet, random brand shoes, vintage bag

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