Rabu, 05 September 2012

Across the country


I arrived yesterday morning in Cluj, I was so tired all day, I barely managed to take these photos. These past few days were chaotic. I went to Bucharest where I stayed for 24 hours, I had to finish some matters with my University and I was running all around the building for 4 hours or so, waiting for signatures, arguing with stupid secretaries..But I am glad it's all taken care off. A few hours later I had to catch the night train and here I am. I haven't really got the chance to talk to anybody I know back there and it kinda hurt to finally leave my apartment and knowing I will never return there anymore.. 
On more material subjects: I have recently received the skirt from a friend who got it from her cousin, neither of them were of a fan of it, but I don't think I'll let it go; it's leather and it's great, I love it! I will be staying here about a week or so..I have some business here, and right now I just want to sit in the amazing beautiful cafes instead of working...but that will pass, hopefully soon and I will be able to enjoy once more this amazing city!
 Catch you soon! 





Wearing: no name skirt and shoes, Dahlia dress, vintage brooch and earrings, H&M rose bracelet

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