Selasa, 25 September 2012

Nothing exceeds like excess


 While watching the second episode of this season's Downton Abbey, there was a point where the Crawley's (meaning a noble British family living in a ridiculously huge house) had to impress with a dinner party, decorations, candles, the finest glasses and so on. When everything was ready the Dowager Countess looked at the table and simply said " Nothing exceeds like excess" - and I thought "My God, how right you are!". I believe I've heard that expression before but only yesterday it hit me, while watching one of my favorite shows. I wish I could live in that era as an aristocrat, because poverty was not an option.. 
After this educative episode, I felt inspired and played once again with items that winked me and mix matched them as much as I could - with a reasonable taste. I wanted to show off my peacock earrings and I thought this was the perfect moment. 
 God, I love feeling like a Christmas tree sometimes! - I don't think that is a bad thing, not at all.





Wearing: thrifted sweater and dress (underneath), vintage belt, no name earrings, Mei shoes, vintage bag, Meli Melo necklace and rings.

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