Rabu, 26 September 2012

Silver touches


 I wish sometimes I could find a fantastic place for me to take my photos, instead of parking lots or the usual parks..but in my little town I have to make use of what I have at best. I wish I could have time to make stories based on my looks, but I don't have a photographer around the clock and that makes it harder. Oh , my frustrations.. 
These days my mood changes from total happiness to deep melancholy and even to bitchy queen. I guess Autumn struck me hard. And the music of Lana Del Rey, which I've been listening to repeatedly, fits perfectly to my state right now.
 Enough sentiment - just gaze at my retro-ish inspired outfit composed from my mother's old sweater - it has silver threads, wohoo! - and my self made girlie wool skirt, glazed with some bling blings and maybe you'll feel as fabulous as I did in the hour I took the photos (and a bit bitchy, yeah)






Wearing: no name sweater, self-made skirt and earrings, Il Passo shoes, self made bow bracelet, Mini Prix silver ring and bracelet, vintage necklaces

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