Senin, 10 September 2012

From the series of broken hearts


 Saturday was a day filled with sweets, both in taste and in eyesight. I knew there was a vintage fair going on downtown of Cluj so we went there to catch a glimpse. That glimpse turned into a broken heart because I saw so many amazing pieces but I was simply broke and couldn't take anything home with me.. Photos bellow will explain my grief. After my little moment of depression diminished, we took these photos in the park and then we went at Cafe Mozart, a little piece of Heaven I have been before, I wanted to taste more of their delicious cakes and amazing coffees. And the atmosphere inside is so cozy, everything there is so beautifully decorated, even the girls have old Viennese uniforms.. so sweet. After this I felt a little better and we walked some more, enjoying the city like a couple of old folks. 
 I'm having a blast!

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One of their cakes with mascarpone cream and oranges and below a coffee with walnut ice cream, cinnamon, nutmeg and whipped cream.


And this is the main reason I was so depressed, just look at this amazing unique skirt filled with sequins.
I stared at it over and over again, thinking how amazingly resembles a stained glass work of art. 

ch16 ch17
 I swore to myself that if I can't find it again, I will make myself something like this even if it will take
me a whole year (I am just that crazy about it)
ch19 ch18 ch15 ch14
And how lovely is this blazer? 
I'm hoping your weekend was sunnier than mine..

Wearing: Glow dress, no name shoes and bag, Meli Melo headband and ring, Agatha earrings

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