Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

My own French Revolution


 Red, white and blue, how very French of me right? Oh well, it was coincidence believe me!
 As you can see, Winter Part Two has installed, it was to be expected, it's only the middle of January, but I am thinking about my Spring's new attire, I have some cool ideas in my mind I only need to find the right fabrics, can't wait!
I said on my Twitter that I went for a shopping session the other day and I managed to find this beautiful pair of flare jeans which I am so proud of! I feel sooooo great in this type of jeans and I have been craving for such a pair since..forever! - and the best part is: I found them on sale! Together with that triangular ring.
 I also bought a very cute yellow hat, but I will show it to you some other time. 
What did you bought during this sales season? ywg2 ywg3 ywg6 ywg4 ywg 

 Wearing: New Yorker jeans, Stradivarius ring, Kara sweater, thrifted coat and bag, mom;s old beret, random brand shoes.


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