Kamis, 15 November 2012

Casual glam

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 I bought myself a new shade of lipstick yesterday and I am wearing it with pride! I really like the way that orange color looks in contrast with my hair and surprise, my necklace. You know I love color, but this outfit is a bit more neutral for my taste, I just couldn't let go of that statement necklace, I guess the outfit would have ssooo boring without that sparkle.
 Anyway..things are moving slow here and I can't stop thinking of my home, my grandmother's cakes, my cozy bed and all thrift stores!! Until my Christmas break, I have to wait.. 

 Wearing: Zara dress, thrifted sweater, custom made jacket, Botinelli shoes, H&M necklace, random brand earrings, vintage bag. 

 P.S. I also miss bits and pieces of Bucharest too..


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