Senin, 26 November 2012

Tropical Autumn


 I forgot that the weather in Bucharest is much more warmer that the rest of the country so as you can see, the leaves are still hanging on tree branches and I was only wearing a T-shirt..shocking indeed.
 I met with an old friend of mine and we talked for hours and hours, nearly forgotten to ask her to take me these photos. Then, as we walked around my so familiar places which filled me with a some degree of melancholia, we ended up in my favorite pastry shop and we ate the wonders in the last two photos. I tell you..that cake served me as lunch and dinner for the whole day! Simply delicious. Tomorrow is another day for more delicious encounters!
Soon I will be getting ready for the Avanpremiere Gala (the reason why I came here in the first place) but more on that soon.. Stay with me darlings!
ang1 ang5 ang4 ang2 ang6 ang0

Wearing: Bershka coat, Stradivarius shorts and scarf, Koton top, Mondex tights, Ne Look socks, MiniPrix shoes

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