Jumat, 23 November 2012

Bellow Zero


 It's been foggy, again, not so much downtown as up in the hill where I live, you couldn't see anything beyond a three meter range, believe me. And it was cold and I can't really believe this month is ending and December is coming..thus ..snow, more cold, winter coats, boots, even more layers on me. This realization came to me after I witnessed the people decorating trees and window shops with Christmas trees, lights, building future ice rinks and so on. I have been thinking about New Year's Eve and where I will be spending it this time, hopefully somewhere nice surrounded by friends and fun people.. But somehow that day seems yet far away. I don't even know how time is flying. 
Oh well.. on other news, on Sunday I will be on my way to Bucharest (more on that soon); my excitement is overcoming me; there are so many people I want to see!
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 And here is some great news for all you wonderful girls out there, Shabby Apple is having a SITEWIDE SALE! You can ave 20% off EVERYTHING on their site with code JOYFULSEASON at checkout. Yes, you read right, EVERYTHING! Be quick because the sale ends on 11/30/2012. 
Plus, keep your eyes on their Facebook page for even more deals happening this week.  
Happy shopping! 

 Wearing: Bershka coat, Hippie Hippie Shake sweater, New Look shirt, Stradivarius scarf, vintage bag, Terranova pants, H&M shoes

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