Jumat, 02 November 2012

There comes a day..


 After hearing "This is Halloween" from the "Nightmare before Christmas" many times during the night and after watching "Saw" (only the first one, since I hate watching unnecessary sequels) the sinister magic of the night ended and we begun a new month, a month which rapidly turns into a cold ..cold Autumn. It feels strange to think that even in September I wore sleeveless tops and dresses, even so, I am yearning for a white Christmas and negus (the translation of red wine mixed with hot water, spiced with cinnamon and sugar)
 We're going later this evening to see "Upside Down", a fantasy of some sort, which I've been waiting to see for some time, I hope I won't be disappointed. After "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter", which again I thought to be epic and "The Amazing Spider Man" with its strange shifting between scenes which made me lost my interest, I began to question the quality of supposedly blockbusters. (Naturally, exception in these cases are "Harry Potter" and "The Avengers")





 Wearing: thrifted sweater, C&A skirt, MiniPrix suede boots, New Yorker bag, vintage scarf and earrings

See you soon darlings!

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