Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Call me Grey


 Today I opted for neutral greys, don't ask me why, my mood isn't that down and the fact that I felt some warm Spring air through my lungs usually makes me throw on some color, but not today. I wanted to stay "calm" so to say, but I compensated with that sparkly necklace (which I could wear it with anything, even pajamas!) 
I said on my Twitter that I won't be too active on the blog because exams are approaching and I need to finish my projects which are time consuming (I literally feel that sleeping now is a waste of time!) so excuse my less frequent appearances.
My usual photographer is in the same position as I am so he cannot indulge me at this moment, this time I appealed at my colleague for these shots, which I thank her dearly!
    vnc3vnc2 vnc7 vnc5 

 Wearing: Pull&Bear shirt, Terranova pants, MiniPrix coat, H&M shoes and necklace, random brand earrings, vintage bag


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