Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

She wore blue velvet..


..on her feet! I found this pair of booties after I returned from my New Year's party yesterday and I couldn't be more happier! Let's say they are a late Christmas gift from..myself! 
 Speaking of New Year' did you celebrate it? I spend some time with my friends away from the city and other than eating and drinking and dancing we had some attempts of driving on top of mountains, some failed, some succeeded. I have some photos but I am not sure how much they are "fashion blog material", but I'll decide that as soon as I get them.
Hope you'll all have a fabulous 2013!
So, how do you like my brand new shoes?

  blue3blue4 blue1 blue blue6 blue2 

 Wearing: H&M skirt and scarf, Only sweater, Miniprix  boots(actually from this brand HERE.)


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