Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

Winter Rain


 These photos were taken yesterday, not the very best of my appearance I know, just look at the state of my hair - that is due to the fact that it was raining. Raining in Winter, that doesn't sound right. And guess what? Today is snowing! I am all dressed up, ready to go out but now I have to wait for better weather conditions..Fantastic. 
The vest you see here was actually a jacket, but it was such a hideous old jacket that I had to alter it and just turn it into something else. I ripped the sleeves and modified the armpit area a little and here you go. I kinda like it, even though I am not a fan of vests or anything that contains fur, even if it isn't real.
 Hopefully the weather will improve today...fingers crossed! blg3 blg blg2 blg0 

 Wearing: Dahlia dress, no name vest, mom's sweater, Deichmann boots


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