Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

Didn't anyone tell you it's okay to shine?


 Here I am again in Cluj, exams are approaching and I will have to face them once again, work and stress awaits me and I shall have to face it with full determination..oh, the joy.
I took these photos yesterday before the sunset, I almost froze, I actually don't know why I thought it was going to be okay outside; maybe the fact that there isn't much snow left here. Today I went for a little thrifting session after I caught up with the girls back at University at a coffee, but I was unlucky even though most of stores had sales (sales in thrift shops, now that sounds somehow ironic). Maybe some other time.
Alas, I have found this amazing Stradivarius bracelet you see on my left wrist, I was so happy when I got the LAST ONE during this sales season! I also bought myself this daring red lipstick I am wearing from Flormar. It really last on my lips, I adore it up until the point where I have to use tons of makeup remover to take it off..
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Also, check out this interview (it's in Romanian though) Oana from Dress Fancy took me, HERE.
Thank you!

 Wearing: thrifted blazer, self made skirt and earrings, no name sweater, H&M tights and golden bracelets, Stradivarius colored bracelet, vintage necklace, no name bag, shoes.


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