Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

In a turquoise dream


I am sure most of you know by now that one of my favorite colors and the one that I wear frequently is turquoise - in all it's shades! So it's no wonder you'll see me this time in a explosion of this particular color, I just liked the way that beret, the sweater and the shirt worked together and I wanted to add a contrast like I usually do, but since the coming of the cold season, I somehow looked more intro black and grey..which is not normal. 
This time I felt inspired and in a good mood I guess, so I choose the purple tights and coincidentally, matching gloves!
 Right now I am watching "Top Chef" in rerun, freshly returned in Cluj to resume my studies, and I am dying of hunger...If only I could cook like they do..mnom mnom! lii2 lii4 lii7 lii6 lii25 lii1 ii8 

 Wearing: thrifted sweater and bag, beret from a boutique in Cluj, New Look shirt, Zara denim dress, Mondex tights, Leonardo boots.

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