Jumat, 08 Februari 2013

Simple casual and slightly boring


Let me explain the title. As you can see this is not my usual kind outfit, no heels, no bling bling, not much femininity. I found myself sometimes okay dressed like this, but the soon I see myself in photos, I feel so boring, after all I just blend in with others and I don't really like that. But I had to walk a lot that day and I thought eh, let's shoot some photos. I am not sure why I posted them though..
 What are your thoughts about plain casual outfits? Sometimes I just have this urge of throwing away all my pants and plain tops and buy only dresses and crazy printed stuff. Maybe I should do that. Rethink my wardrobe.
 In other news...I have to pack, I am heading home for a few days, in the middle of Winter part three..oh boy.
gli gli5 gli3 gli4 gli7 

 Wearing: MiniPrix coat, thrifted blazer, Stradivarius shirt, Only jeans, random brand boots, New Yorker bag, gifted earrings.


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