Minggu, 10 Februari 2013

Winter Part Three


 Everything is white here once again, as you can see it was snowing pretty hard when we took these photos and it still does. The city was almost deserted, only silence. It was so creepy and yet so beautiful! 
 I have about a week to catch up with my reading, thrifting and just hanging out with the only friend here at this time of the year. I am wearing here a sweater I haven't worn in a long time, it's so fluffy and so warm! And the red/black color combo which I love so much. But God... I really do want Spring to come! vcc2 vcc3 vcc4 vcc5 vcc6 

 Wearing: Outlet Only sweater, New Yorker skirt, no name hat, hand made scarf, vintage bag, mom's boots (thank you!)


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