Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

While shopping..


 Today really struck me since I forgot it was Valentine's Day, not that I care that much, too much romanticism isn't exactly for me; instead I think I will be partying with my girlfriends tonight, it's always a blast on this time of year, I mean..Hello discounted cocktails! ;) 
These photos were taken while I was shopping with my mother (I bought a very cute burgundy hat) the weather was awful, windy, foggy and my hair and moody emotions were all over the place, hence the fewer photos. Anyway, it was a fun day and I am looking forward for tonight! 

Have a wonderful, joyful day ladies!
  bm7bm2 bm1 

 Wearing: Only jeans, Leonardo shoes, mom's old sweater, H&M Necklace, New Look shirt, thrifted bag


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