Senin, 18 Februari 2013

The enchanted coat


 In my sheep coat again, which used to be my mother's, I honestly feel like a very important woman that everybody should pay attention to and bow before me while wearing it (you know how I secretly wish that) It's like enchanted, when I take it off nobody looks in my direction anymore, that is a very amusing thing. These were taken while Winter still reigned in my hometown, now I am back in Cluj and there is no trace of snow here (wohoo!) so I can wear heels more easily and enjoy the Spring-like breeze - maybe this is why I feel more energetic since I got here. Interesting. pnk3 pnk4 pnk1 pnk6 pnk2 

 Wearing: mother's old coat, thrifted sweater, Only jeans, Leonardo old boots, Terranova hat, vintage bag, hand made scarf

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