Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Beauty and the Beast


 The beast is on my T-shirt - actually my boyfriend's T-shirt which I gave him as a present for his birthday. I printed one of his digital drawings that he seemed keen about, and for some reason I decided to wear it today. I thought the chromatic was perfect with the dress underneath and my makeup ( I usually do my makeup first and then dress accordingly, weird) And again layers over layers, fun but I want to dress more lightly! It's the end of March for Heaven's sake! 
Oh well, got to be patient I guess. 
Okay, now I am off in the kitchen to cook some delicious stuff ( turning into the next Martha Stewart perhaps?..)

  llv8llv5 llv1

Pretty gruesome right?

llv7 ll3 llv2

Wearing: Custom made boyfriend's T shirt, Tina R dress underneath, H&M boots, New Yorker old bag, thrifted sweater, vintage belt.

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