Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Olive or Pistachio?


 Not sure exactly what color this blazer looks like a pastel olive but then again also like a soft pistachio green.. If you remember this particular blazer, I bought it a while ago in a second hand store and it was huuuuge. And I really mean it! After some altering I managed to make it to fit my size and I am really pleased with it, because it goes with so many things (including my hair color) and it is made out of a soft wool and it was perfect for a chilly windy day of this transition season (if there is such a thing). 
Speaking of which, I know this is not fashion related but I want to make a change, at least in my diet, and it will take me a great deal of effort and possibly some yelling and smashing plates against the wall since I will be on a "no-sugar diet" - that is Hell for me. I am writing this here hoping I will remind myself of its importance. 
 But tell me..have you ever stick through a detox/weight loss/healthy diet and be pleased with yourself?
 I am curious of how this works. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend guys! lop6 lop5 lop2 lop3 lop4d lop7

Wearing: thrifted blazer and sweater, bintage belt, Banana Taipei bag, random brand earrings, New Yorker old shorts, Deichmann boots

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