Rabu, 27 Maret 2013


I wish I could wear everyday only skirts or dresses and feel feminine all the time but when you have a cold weather it's hard not to throw on a pair of pants and be grateful that your legs can't freeze! Trust me, I am not wearing here these leather pants now because I felt like it, it was because the weather gave me no choice. 
I am currently in a .. "phase" I suppose, in which I need to cleanse my closet and throw away all my pants (except for my flared jeans) and replace them with skirts! I guess that will happen in time..I currently own three pair of jeans, which I rarely wear, two pairs of leggings, a pair of vintage green pants - oh, these are a keeper too, and some two or three pairs I don't wear all! If there is anyone interested in them, please do let me know.
At least I am wearing some color here, proud of that at least!

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 Wearing: Terranova pants and hat, H&M sweater, thrifted blazer, Blushing Goodies necklace, New Look bag, random brand shoes


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