Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

New Wonders!


 Since the weather is awful (sunny but way too cold) I decided to add a new entry in "My Wardrobe Chronicles" just to keep up with my newest acquisitions (and because it makes me smile to see how my style changes from time to time) Let's start with the dress which I am so excited about and can't waaaait to wear! It's from Zara and from last Summer's collection is I recall correctly, but I bought it from an Outlet at about a quarter of its original price - imagine my joy then. I remember seeing it first in the store and how very much in love I was with it but a day later it was already gone...from every store in town! Now I am over the Moon!


 This skirt bought from a Romanian vintage online store with a juicy print - I am crazy for prints!


 Again, MiniPrix shoes, I've always wanted a pair of blue shoes! They are so classy and feminine, right?


 And these babies were found in a vintage shop here in Cluj, the heel is reaaally small, so different from what I usually wear, but I found them to be so cute and charming, and in my size!!


 And this amazing necklace, perfect for Summer and the great thing is that it cost me something like 3 Euros! And of course the bow tie which you've already seen. 

 Now if The Real Spring will come faster so I can be able to wear them all! So sick of boots and heavy jackets..


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