Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

A gift of some sort


 What I love most about this outfit is that scarf; I love the color, I love the softness (you could sleep in it, it's so warm and freakin' puffy!) and I love the length - it has about three meters, so I chose to wear it as a bow, and it looks rather cute, I like it. It's approved on my "to do things with clothes" list, or so to speak. Nothing too fancy this time, at least not for what I am into right now..but can't always be extraordinary. Sometimes it's okay to feel a little...settled. 
In two days time I will go back in my hometown for the holidays, so excited!

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 Wearing: Vero Moda jeans, Leonardo boots, self made top, Zara cardigan, H&M scarf earring and ring, turquoise rings from Parfois, New Look bag.


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