Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

Princess for a day


I received this dress from Dressestylist while I was in Bucharest and I couldn't wait to try it on! 
When they contacted me regarding a collaboration, I browsed their site and somehow I was put in a great difficulty having to choose one dress out of hundreds and hundreds! They specialize in special ocassions dresses, and they have EVERYTHING for EVERYONE'S taste! 
 About this dress.. I've never had such a princess-like dress, you know.. with the puffy volume and the classical shape of the '50s fashion, so let's just say that I wanted to fulfill a long time wish. Naturally, I chose a dark green color because it is one of my favorite colors but it wasn't easy I must say! There are so many options you can choose from! 
Now I wanted to have a castle behind me, to create a beautiful story and beautiful photos, but the time wasn't on my side (days are too short and cold!) so this background will do for now. There is always a next time. And next time it will be much more interesting.. bfg6 bfg2 bfg5 bfg4 bfg7 bfg3 

 And since Christmas is approaching, Dressestylist has prepared a huge sale for all you pretty girls! Check out the site for more info!
Happy shopping!

Wearing: DresseStylist dress, New Look shoes, vintage purse


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