Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

Deadly White


 The title post suggests a freezing cold, a frost, a Siberian-type of Winter if you like. I arrived Thursday in my hometown and since then I have been doing a little shopping - hence the new boots in my feet - and I forgot about outfit shots. Actually it's so cold here that there was zero mood for dressing up pretty and playing with the camera; here, I made a huge effort stepping out of my comfort zone. Still, that skirt looks rather cute in this scenery.
 I hope the weather will warm up a bit, but knowing my regional coordinates, that will not be possible until ...March. At least I'll have a Christmas filled with snow, just like my childhood used to be, yey!
Speaking of which, tomorrow I'll start decorating the house, oh I can't wait! 
Now boys and girls, tell me..have you been good this year for Santa?

  snowsnow5 snow8 snow3 snow2 snow1 snow4 

 Wearing: skirt made by grandmother, thrifted sweater and bag, Terranova hat, Stradivarius scarf, Sergio Todzi boots, Meli Melo gloves, vintage belt, random brand coat.


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