Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Christmas Spirit


It's Christmas Eve people! As if you  haven't already knew that..duh.
I am quite excited even though I am not sure how I will spend this day, except for wrapping up gifts and spending some cozy time surrounded by loved ones...I'm pretty sure that will be enough though.
These photos were taken yesterday, where again the frost reached my bones and even my hair was frozen! But then there is that moment when you step into the nearest caffe and you sip of a tea or a hot chocolate and you instantly warm up - especially if you are with a friend - that is the most pleasant feeling during Winter.
I changed a bit my blog's header as you can see..If I am in the Christmas spirit, then let it consume everything around me!
ger4 ger6 ger2 ger5 ger3 ger

Wearing: random brand sweater, vintage skirt, Deichmann boots, Hippie Shake leg warmers, Stradivarius scarf, Terranova hat

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