Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

The Meat Bag


 The team from the brand Banana Taipei send me this bag to style it and show it to you guys before its launch. I agreed since I find their designs quite interesting and funky.
 Now, it was a surprise gift, so I didn't had the opportunity to chose my own model, but I never expected something like this to receive. I opened the parcel and I looked puzzled not knowing exactly what to feel about it. I hung it up to my door for about a week or so, trying to figure out how to wear it! At first I instantly thought of Lady Gaga, but since I am not a fan of her's in any way, I excluded an option where I could dress like she does. (she may be the only one who has that meat dress). So, after a point where I almost gave up, I just threw on my leather pants and a dressy coat and there you have it..not much of a feminine look, I thought it wasn't fit, but a bit hardcore. 
 Of course, I am open to more suggestions. 
 I really am curious.. how would you wear this bag?

mea5mea6 mea3 mea4 mea7 

 Wearing: Banana Taipei bag, MiniPrix coat, random brand sweater, Meli Melo necklace, Terranova pants, Deichmann boots.


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